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Key service that we offer to our clients.
Improve efficiency and productivity
We help companies develop strategies to improve their profitability, efficiency, and sustainability by developing new business models, expanding into new markets, or investing in new technologies.
Gain access to expertise and increase compliance
Our consultants help companies navigate the complex regulatory environment in the life sciences industry. This involves obtaining regulatory approval, comply with regulations, or manage risk.
Technology improvements to get better results
We help companies adopt new technologies to improve their operations. This could involve implementing new software, deploying new sensors, or integrating different systems.


Some of the latest trends in Healthcare industry
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
These technologies are being used to develop new drugs and treatments, as well as to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and drug development. The drug development cycle is reduced.
Theranostics and Tele medicine
Theranostics is a combination of therapy and diagnostics that uses a single platform to deliver both treatment and monitoring.This with telemedicine makes the remote diagnostics easy
Wearable sensors and Digital Health
Wearables can be used to collect data on a patient's health, and monitor diseases and improve treatment. This combined with digital analytics technology can be used to improve health outcomes
Our service offerings
Business Strategy

a. Portfolio strategy: Our experts have a deep understanding of portfolio management and strategy. We can help develop, evaluate and optimise product portfolio to suit the client’s end objectives. We have a network of practitioners who have worked on portfolio assessment, product prioritisation, risk management, lifecycle management and portfolio optimization for pharma and life sciences organizations

b. Digital strategy and transformation: We help pharma companies leverage digital technologies to enhance their business processes, optimize operations, and improve patient outcomes. We provide digital strategy, cloud adoption and migration, regulatory, accelerated drug development, application management, etc, that provides sustainable advantage to the LS companies

c. Clinical trials: Optimal clinical trials strategy leads to improved patient outcomes, accelerated development timelines, and increased cost-effectiveness. We help clients in clinical trials design, Regulatory strategy, clinical operations data management, digitization and cost optimization
Our service offerings
Digital and AI

a. Digital R&D: Application of digital technologies to transform and enhance the pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) process. It encompasses a wide range of tools, techniques, and approaches that leverage the power of data, computing, and connectivity to accelerate drug discovery, improve clinical trial efficiency, and personalised medicine. Digital R&D helps in accelerated drug discovery, enhanced clinical trials efficiency and improved productivity.

b. Application management: Applications management services (AMS) play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of critical applications that support R&D, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance. Our experts understand the need for outsourcing AMS services that include application deployment, maintenance & support, monitoring and alerts, regulatory and integration with other systems

c. Data analytics and Artificial intelligence: Our experts have been witnessing the transformation that analytics is bringing to the pharma and life sciences sector, with applications ranging from drug discovery to personalised medicine, pharmacovigilance, supply chain, etc. We have a network of experts who can build AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions that would be virtually impossible for humans to do alone and that can lead to significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of research and development, as well as the development of new and more effective treatments for diseases.

Our service offerings

a. Cost optimization: Pharma and life sciences companies face increasing pressure to optimise costs while maintaining innovation and patient care. To achieve this, we have experts who can build intervention plans and provide expertise on optimising various cost levers like supply chain and distribution, manufacturing, process automation, clinical trials optimization, labour productivity, application consolidation, etc. Our experts have a complete know-how on different levers and can provide with the best in class skills to achieve the targets

b. Patient journey transformation: Our comprehensive patient journey transformation services empower healthcare organisations to redesign and enhance the patient experience across the entire continuum of care, from initial contact to post-discharge follow-up. We employ a patient-centric approach to patient journey transformation, placing the needs and preferences of patients at the heart of our process. Our experienced consultants work collaboratively with your leadership team, clinicians, and staff to map current patient journeys, set goals, streamline process, and monitoring & evaluation.

b. Sales planning & operations: S&OP in the pharma sector has a broad range of activities that contribute to the revenue growth of the organisation. We work across, forecasting, planning, resource management and performance monitoring to help our clients. Our experts have designed interventions around improvements in KOL management, patient access, territory planning, physician interaction and sales analytics. Tuning each of these levers has helped our clients realise significant topline benefits.

c. Patient engagement: cOur experts help pharma companies improve patient support and engagement by developing effective patient education and communication programs. This can lead to improved patient adherence, better outcomes, and stronger patient relationships. We help clients design multiple interventions like patient education, telehealth, services, mobile app services, etc to drive strong patient engagement and services

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