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The next leg of the cloud journey to resilience

Organizations swiftly embraced cloud and digital transformation in response to recent disruptions. Although enhancing resilience, they now need to revamp for more comprehensive integration within a unified cloud strategy, unlocking delayed value and optimizing costs.

Despite over 86% of companies increasing cloud initiatives since 2020, only 42% claim full realization of expected outcomes. Cost savings, particularly crucial amid economic uncertainty, prove the most elusive. Caught between the commitment to large-scale cloud transformation and the complexities involved, such as reconsidering operating models and talent, organizations stand at a tipping point. They've tackled the initial benefits of the cloud but must now intensify efforts to unlock its complete value. How do we know? Successful outcomes are more prevalent among avid adopters who view the cloud as an ongoing journey, not a destination. As you progress, challenges become more intricate. Recognize barriers to cloud value and discover five practices to surmount them.


Cloud First provides a comprehensive range of cloud services, ensuring you maximize the value of your investment. Recognizing that the cloud transcends mere technology, our solutions integrate workforce and cultural shifts essential for sustained success.

Cloud data & AI

Create industry and function-specific data and AI insights and intelligence for businesses through cloud industry-specific data models. Learn more.

Application transformation

Harness the power of cloud and fuel innovation to create fresh sources of business value grounded in industry. Learn more.

Cloud infrastructure

Leverage hybrid cloud or reinvent your networks and workplace experience to accelerate value across the cloud Learn more.


Combine the uniqueness of the edge with the power of the cloud to derive real-time intelligent data insights and Learn more.


Set up a robust network infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation and improve business performance. Learn more.

Cloud strategy & design

Use cloud solutions as a source of competitive advantage and value, by transforming how you operate Learn more.

Cloud infrastructure managed services

Adopt a new, modern approach to IT operations with infrastructure for the cloud era.Learn more.

Application managed services

Future-proof your application portfolio with proactive innovation. Learn more.

How we work

At Cloud First, we specialize in delivering mission-critical, core business solutions via the cloud. By understanding your objectives, we collaborate to identify the optimal cloud solution for your specific business requirements, expediting the journey to value attainment.

An unmatched ecosystem of partners

We are the leading partner for AWS, Microsoft and Google and the #1 co-innovator with SAP and Oracle. Our relationships can help you field any challenge. Learn more.

Proven, industry-tailored cloud solutions

We work with you, drawing on the experience of 34,000+ cloud projects in nearly every industry, to build predictable, fast and secure cloud solutions.

Unparalleled talent and experience

Our cloud professionals wield more than 124,000+ certifications, combining vast industry experience with specialized, state-of-the art skillsets.Learn more.