Business Process Outsourcing —value-first outcomes

In a landscape marked by constant change, business process services have the potential to revitalize business performance, providing enduring value by optimizing operations.

Access a new performance frontier

Amidst significant shifts, the ability to generate value becomes paramount. In the aftermath of recent disruptions in society, industry, and technology, various business process functions—ranging from finance and supply chain to procurement, human resources, marketing, sales, and customer operations—along with industry-specific services like health, insurance, and banking, have faced substantial challenges.

The operational model emerges as a crucial element, serving not only to navigate change but also to adapt and align with the business strategy, fostering resiliency, agility, competitive advantage, and improved business outcomes. Klaxontech's strategic managed services for operations are instrumental in assisting clients in optimizing and transforming business processes, facilitating reinvention.

BPO solutions

With more than 219K exceptional people in over 50 centers, our strategic managed service capabilities (AI, technology, data & specialized talent & process innovation at scale) provide insights for better decision making & crush the timeline to value.

Intelligent Finance Operations

Providing real-time insights and agility so that you are a strategic business partner while managing day-to-day finance operations. Learn more.

Sourcing and Procurement

Data-driven insights to help optimize processes, increase efficiency and drive out more value. Learn more.

Supply Chain

Building agile, transparent supply chains to help businesses navigate market volatility with success. Learn more.

Compliance as a Service

Achieving compliance and managing risk to keep pace with regulatory and operational pressures.​ Learn more.

Intelligent Global Business Services

Achieve outcomes faster with intelligent global business services. Learn more.

Sales & Customer Operations

Transforming sales, marketing and service operations to deliver sustainable breakthrough growth. Learn more.


Marketing Operations activates and optimizes best in class customer experiences to deliver breakthrough Learn more.

Talent and HR

Reshaping the employee experience and improving retention with innovative workforce operating models. Learn more.

What are managed services for operations?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has evolved to become strategic managed services for operations.

Achieving sustainable growth necessitates a revamped operational framework, centered on customers and propelled by data and intelligence for outstanding experiences and results. Unlocking the potential of this performance frontier demands organizations to expedite their operational evolution. They must prioritize nurturing talent, harnessing data, employing intelligence, utilizing cloud resources, and fostering a robust ecosystem of partnerships.

Leaders striving to harness data and intelligence at the digital core for operational transformation often face significant barriers. Strategic managed service capabilities offer a solution, enabling access to insights crucial for informed decision-making and drastically compressing the timeline to achieve tangible value.

Modern strategic managed services transcend the confines of traditional BPO practices. They act as catalysts for transformation, mitigating risks and cutting costs while fostering a collaborative partnership between suppliers and businesses. Together, they establish the bedrock for innovation, redefining the service landscape.