Application services

Klaxontech's innovation-led enterprise application services reinvent digital application portfolios with speed and agility.

Innovation-led application services

For many businesses, intricate application environments, blending legacy platforms, digital solutions, and SaaS offerings, absorb an excessive portion of IT resources, constraining their capacity to foster expansion.

Our application services enable you to transform your application environment swiftly and flexibly, while consistently innovating to unlock business value.

End-to-end application services

From the development of new applications, through modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

Agile transformation

Drive disruption by applying Lean principles to achieve substantial performance improvements, accelerating business change. Learn more.

Value-led application management

Reimagine application management to meet rising complexity and create business value. Learn more.

Application modernization

Rapidly modernize applications with agile migration and refactoring automation to unlock the full value of the Cloud Continuum. Learn more.


Strategize, plan and deliver the foundational technology architecture to maximize scalability and performance. Learn more.

Intelligent automation

Improve speed, quality and customer experience through the power of cloud, data and artificial intelligence. Learn more.


Deliver applications at the pace of business by bringing business, development and operations teams together and applying delivery automation. Learn more.

Quality engineering

Achieve better experiences, faster responses, greater insights and lower risks through AI-led, analytics-driven approach to application quality. Learn more.

Application transformation

Harness the power of cloud and fuel innovation to create fresh sources of business value grounded in industry. Learn more.

Intelligent platforms

We combine the power of leading platforms—SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday and more—with our intelligence, innovation and industry capabilities to drive large-scale, platform-enabled transformation.


Unlock the value of your SAP application portfolio with the power of intelligence, innovation and industry. Learn more.


Reinvent, innovate and grow at scale through the entire Oracle solutions lifecycle. Learn more.


Driven by the power of data, reimagine human experiences that reignite growth and accelerate the path to value. Learn more.


Supercharge human resources and finance as strategic partners for growth. Learn more.

Perfecting mainframe modernization

Many firms rely heavily on mainframes, housing vital applications and data. Our Mainframe Modernization Survey unveiled common challenges: high costs, time constraints, scarcity of specialized skills, and the necessity for a coherent roadmap, hindering the modernization process.

These hurdles are transforming legacy mainframes into barriers that impede innovation. Fortunately, numerous modernization solutions exist. Accenture aids organizations in evaluating the timing and method for modernizing mainframe applications, enabling them to select the most suitable approach for their operations.